Vuggeviser for voksne/ lullabies for grownups- currently in Danish.


Regine Wowk og jeg har formet et projekt sammen. Vuggeviser for voksne.

Der er for lidt voksenomsorg, sådan er det bare.

Lige nu har det kun 3 ben….og de ser ca sådan her ud og kan lynhurtigt blive til 5-6 andre….


Sange der kan streames og bare lyttes på/Songs you can stream or just listened to.

Sange der kan synges lige så stille ved sengekanten/Songs you can sing by the bedside.


Sgaard : 


Music that helps you focus on the most important


Release Sony MindMusic 2019 : Quiet Movement by Sgaard EP

release Sony MindMusic 2020: Stay Present.


The piano is the core of everything I do.

My body is shaped from hours of practising and  writing sitting by the piano. I breathe piano,- even when I sing every word I pronounce is leaning against an imaginary pianonote, and can´t stand alone. Sound to me is also music- all sound. Maybe it comes from having perfect pitch- even two hands clapping produces a note- doing the dishes is a symphony- what can I say.

Making an album connecting the two things I really like is great- sounds and piano - a dream come true. 

Just came home from a trip to the very north of nORWAY. bRINGING HOME LOTS OF SOUNDS AND MOVIES, THAT i EXPECT TO USE IN MY COMING sGAARD WORK. Currently working on a 

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